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Anxiety, Phobia's & Stress Disorders
Mind / Body Connection
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Is Your Mind Stopping You From Living Your Best Life? Hypnotherapy Can Help.
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What listeners have to say:

​"This is the longest I've ever been able to do any form of meditation. The minutes just flew by. Thank you so much. I have PTSD/Depression/Anxiety. I really needed this! I'm going to start doing this meditation every morning to start my day :)"

"Oh my goodness thank you so much for helping me release my annoying worries and concerns. This from someone who has been on medication for greater than 30 years!! Thank you and May God bless you for sharing your gift of emotional and mental healing!"

Thank you! One of the most effective hypnosis/meditation videos I've come across so far... It greatly helped me release all negativity and especially helps me have control over "intrusive thoughts", which has been causing me stress for years. Really stops my mind from racing. I love the "branch" analogy and learning to "let go".
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​  Available Now for purchase as a download. 
With over ONE MILLION listen's this guided mediation is perfect to help you train your mind to let go of those thoughts that you do not want to be focusing on or putting your energy into. We get more of what we focus on, so we want to be focusing on the best that is within us!