My Healthy Body Mindset

by Suzanne Robichaud, RCH


Are you ready to make taking care of your body as automatic as brushing your teeth in the morning?  How would it feel to crave healthy food that fuels and nourishes your body? What if you could train your mind to want to exercise? What would it feel like to love to take care of your body? What would it feel like to LOVE your body? We make all this happen with this package of 3 sessions. One full Hypnotherapy session and two Daily Motivator sessions.

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We have the ability to design how we want our minds to work. Everything starts in our mind, with a thought, and that thought can take us to more thoughts that motivate us or thoughts that lead to procrastination. You see, your subconscious mind is designed to keep you the same, so often when we consciously want to make changes our subconscious mind is not on board. We have to train it to be in alignment with what our conscious mind wants, what we consciously want.  And that is exactly what the sessions in this program will do for you.

I created one full hypnotherapy session for you to  listen to at least once per week, it will help you to really anchor into your subconscious mind how you want to look, feel and act when it comes to taking care of your body. As you imagine this and listen to the positive words it will anchor itself into your subconscious mind, that part of your mind that works automatically in the background of your life, making what you imagine real in your subconscious mind. Allowing your conscious and subconscious mind to work together to achieve your goal. 

 I also created for you two Daily Motivators. These are short little sessions filled with motivation and inspirational affirmations… this is your daily practice. And so you have no excuses… I made one where you take the time to close your eyes and go within and one that you can listen to


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