Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

by Suzanne Robichaud, RCH


Quit Smoking Now!

Are you ready to stop smoking? Are you ready to feel better, smell better and look better! Your mindset is so important when wanting to make healthy changes. These Hypnotherapy Sessions will set you up for success and help you to succeed with quitting smoking. Allowing you to return to your natural state as a Natural Non-smoker.

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Quit Smoking Now!

When it comes to quitting smoking, so much of your success is determined by your mind. You can train your mind to stop smoking just like you trained your mind to want cigarettes. You never wanted them until you trained your mind to want them. Yes, there may be some physical withdrawal symptoms, but if you get your mind in the right place, you will get past these easily and quickly. This Hypnotherapy program makes quitting smoking so much easier!

This Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy program includes 3 Hypnotherapy sessions to help you achieve your goal with quitting smoking. Two full Hypnotherapy Sessions that work together to train your mind to let go of any desire, craving or habit to smoke cigarettes. It also includes one daily motivator that will help you to strengthen your new patterns. Listen every day for at least two weeks. Listen to Session 1 and 2 at least once each per week, and the daily motivator on the other days. If you really want change you have to put in the effort. If you do the work your mind will respond. You can stop smoking and this program will make it so much easier!

Be sure to set yourself up for success. Create an environment that helps you to succeed. Get rid of any cigarettes you may still have and take some time away from tempting situations for the first few days to a week, this will help. During the hypnotherapy session, you are given a tool, a replacement in the place of the cigarette you used to have. Use the tool, it works if you use it. Stick to the Hypnotherapy program and smoking cigarettes will soon be a thing you used to do! You will be so proud that you quit!



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