Speak In Public with Confidence Ease Hypnotherapy

by Suzanne Robichaud, RCH


If you find yourself anxious or even fearful of speaking in public, this Hypnotherapy Session is for you. You can release those fears and uncomfortable feelings and speak with confidence and ease.

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This Hypnotherapy session was created to free your mind from that uncomfortable feeling you get when thinking about and when you actually speak in public. This session is designed to get to the root of what is causing this feeling. Fear of rejection, fear of what other people think, a fear of failing, depending on your life experiences, there are so many possible reasons to have this fear. And in this session, we use this feeling to go back to that crucial moment your mind believed it needed to hold onto this fear. Once we do this, we will train your mind to let that go and in its place we will create new positive thoughts and responses around speaking in public, allowing you to do so with confidence and ease.


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