Releasing Triggers Hypnotherapy

by Suzanne Robichaud, RCH
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How to Deal with Getting Triggered?

Try “Releasing Triggers” Hypnotherapy Session for greater control of your mental and emotional state!

This full Hypnotherapy Session can be used anytime you find yourself triggered by things or people around you. This Hypnotherapy Session will train your mind to learn from and let go of triggers easily and quickly.



How to Deal With Getting “Triggered”.

If you are getting triggered, it most likely means that you are still holding onto emotions from past experiences. It is that emotion you are holding onto that is getting poked at. It’s a reminder that you are still holding on to this emotion and a reminder that you have some work to do.

As you continue to work on yourself with the “Releasing Triggers Hypnotherapy” download you will find that triggers happen much less often for you and that when they do come up, you are able to move past them quickly and easily.

During this session, you will be guided into a deep natural state of hypnosis, and then we will briefly revisit the first experience that caused you to now have this trigger.

You will find that as you do this, you will be the observer, observing it from a safe distance, so that you can understand the when, why and how this trigger was created. We then move into an exercise that allows you to completely release the emotion you are still holding onto from that experience. Releasing the Trigger.

Once you release this emotion, you will find that you are free from being triggered. Many of us have more than one trigger in life, often they come up as we evolve and grow as human beings. You can use this session again and again to release any triggers that come up for you.

There is often something to learn when we find ourselves getting triggered. How can we learn and grow beyond whatever outside source is triggering us? Once we understand what created this trigger in the first place, we can also understand what it is we need to learn so we can grow past having these types of experiences.

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