Pessimist To Optimist Hypnotherapy

by Suzanne Robichaud, RCH


Pessimist To Optimist Hypnotherapy Session will train your mind to be more Optimistic. Try Pessimist To Optimist Hypnotherapy for less stress and anxiety.


Pessimist to Optimist, Hypnotherapy for Stress & Anxiety

Does your mind tend to always go to the worst-case scenario? Does your mind seem to always focus on the problem instead of the solution? Does your mind automatically find a problem for every solution? Does the way that your mind works create unnecessary stress and anxiety in your everyday life?

When our mind works this way, it can make life so much harder than it needs to be. Creating unnecessary stress and anxiety. And, unfortunately, what we repeat becomes automatic. So if you have been thinking this way for a long time, it may take a bit of practice to change it.

But, the repetition works with all thoughts and feelings. So as you practice with this hypnotherapy session, you will begin to notice a shift in your perception. You will begin to notice that your mind is becoming more optimistic. You will begin to notice that your mind is beginning to see the solutions to problems, or that your mind is beginning to see the best possible outcome in things. When you enter into a state of hypnosis (a completely natural state) you can make these changes faster and easier, because you are working with the part of your mind that holds all of your automatic behaviors.

I created this Hypnotherapy Session to help you change your mind from being a Pessimist to becoming an Optimist.

This Pessimist to Optimist Hypnotherapy session will help lessen your stress and anxiety. Making life easier every day.

When your mind sees the best in everything and when we are focused on the solution, life is so much easier. Stress and anxiety are often created in our minds as we try to imagine what the future holds. When coming from a place of Optimism we experience much less stress and anxiety.

Listen repeatedly for the best results.


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