Past Life Regression – Virtual Group Hypnotherapy Session

by with Suzanne Robichaud, RCH

Suzanne is now offering online Group Hypnotherapy Sessions. All online group work will be on zoom.

Do you believe is Past Lives? Are you curious about the possible past lives you may have lived?

Join me for this Virtual Group Hypnotherapy Session where we explore your past lives. During this session I will guide you into a natural deep state of hypnosis. Once in this state we will begin our journey back in time. As you allow my voice to be your guide, you will begin to receive images, thoughts and even feelings. I will ask general questions to help guide the journey but each experience is unique to each participant. 


I will end the session by asking you to make a connection between the lives you just experienced and the life you are living now, as many people believe we are here to learn from each life so that we can grow and evolve.


This group session is for:

Anyone interested in experiencing a Past Life Regression Session


Preparing for the session:

Have yourself set up somewhere that you can sit or lay back comfortably. Your eyes will be closed and you will be going within. Use a headset if you have one but not necessary. Set yourself up to get the most out of this session by turning all distractions off.

This group session will be held on zoom, please know that you do not need to have your camera on for this session. Healing is a very personal thing, so although this is a group you can still keep this session private.


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