Heal Your Inner Child – Virtual Group Hypnotherapy Session

by with Suzanne Robichaud, RCH


Suzanne is now offering online Group Hypnotherapy Sessions. All online group work will be on zoom.


This is an online group hypnotherapy session to help you heal your inner child.

We all have our inner child within us. That is the part of us that very first perceived and interpreted the world. The beliefs we pick up as a child are seated in our subconscious mind, the part of our mind that works in the background of our everyday life. And if we are responding from a place that feels, unworthy, unheard, unimportant, a burden, or that our feelings were wrong … life is so much harder than it has to be. You have the ability to change this. Having a confident, happy, secure inner child makes life so much easier.



During this hypnotherapy session, we will do regression therapy back to when you ever first doubted yourself, felt unsafe, or thought you were not good enough. Whatever the feelings are, that you are still carrying today that cause you to feel unworthy, we will go back and take some time to comfort your inner child. Validate the feelings of your inner child and help your inner child to be free. We will change the story, allowing your inner child to come forward in a loving, confident, playful way. Just as it should be.

This group session is for:
Anyone that knows or feels like they are still holding onto and reacting from unresolved emotions from childhood.

Preparing for the session
Have yourself set up somewhere that you can sit or lay back comfortably. Your eyes will be closed and you will be going within. Use a headset if you have one but not necessary. Set yourself up to get the most out of this session by turning all distractions off.

This group session will be held on zoom, please know that you do not need to have your camera on for this session. Healing is a very personal thing, so although this is a group you can still keep this session private.