Letting Go & Healing Hypnotherapy

by Suzanne Robichaud, RCH


Are you still holding onto pain from past experiences?  Are things that happened years ago still affecting you in your life today? Has it been hard to get over something that hurt you deeply and are you ready to let it go? This “Letting Go & Healing” Hypnotherapy session is all about releasing pain from your past so that you can be free to enjoy today fully and completely just as you deserve to.

* This Full Hypnotherapy session is also included in the “Meditations & Hypnotherapy for Healing Trauma & Anxiety” Album

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As we go through life, we all have experiences that cause us to experience some sort of emotional or physical pain.  But, all too often the pain we are holding onto ends up limiting us in our lives. Stopping us from doing things we really want to do or from being our true selves. This “Letting Go & Healing” hypnotherapy session was created to help you let go of any pain from past experiences, while still holding on to any learning or empathy from the experience.

Once that is complete we then reconnect with all the other amazing emotions that are a part of you. Helping you to make these emotions your more dominant emotions. Listening to this repeatedly will help you to become more in control of what you are focusing on and how you feel.


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