Healing Your Inner Child & Learning To Love Yourself Again Program

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This 4-week program will help you to heal and release any feelings being triggered that you are still holding from childhood experiences. It will also help you to create new empowering beliefs and help you to connect, accept & love yourself. You deserve to be happy. This program can help.

We all have our childhood selves within us…
this is the part of us that sent us on our way. The part of us that learned how to interpret the world and how the world views us.

When we are young our conscious mind is not fully developed and our subconscious mind is taking in and recording everything. Our Subconscious mind learns through experience and repetition.



Some signs that you may benefit from Inner Child Healing:

• You get triggered by the external world. Specific people, things they say, or certain situations.

• You feel the need to escape, possibly even yourself at times

• You doubt or second-guess yourself and your feelings.

• You see repeating patterns in your relationships.

• You know and feel that you are holding emotions from childhood experiences.

• You experience fear of abandonment.

• You find yourself people-pleasing.

• You find it hard to love and accept yourself

• You feel disconnected from yourself or others

• You feel like you are never enough or need to be perfect

• It feels uncomfortable to be loved.



2 reviews for Healing Your Inner Child & Learning To Love Yourself Again Program

  1. Paul

    I would definitely recommend this program. Prior to going through it I was having panic attacks everyday and felt zero safety in my body. I couldn’t sit quietly for 3 mins let alone for a full meditation session. Now I’m able to relax for a full 40 min hypnosis session and my panic attacks have decreased a lot. I’m really happy I went through the program and I’m going to continue to listen to her YouTube channel as well as check out her other programs. I really can’t recommend her enough. The hypnosis inductions are great, cadence is perfect and her voice is so soothing. You will not regret going through this program.
    If you use your phone to listen to it I recommend putting your phone on do not disturb mode so you won’t be disrupted. Also headphones are better to use also as they help block out ambient noise and put you more inside the zone.

  2. Duygu

    This program amazingly helpful. Through the program i learn how to let go the people circumstances places that were bothering me and causing me feel not loved, not valued, not heard. When i let go all of them, instead getting into the trigger of these emotions, i start to connect with life more from a place of now. I develope a much better dialogue with my inner child. My emotional reactions get less and less. Because much of them were coming from a place of lack. I feel myself more fullfilled and valuable. So i highly recommend to use this program to heal yourself. It is a great asset and investment. Worth to do. You will see the results of the practice will get seen in your life days after days. Because i have notice after this, healing till the release of the trauma siatuon internally continue and you will also start to remember the good things more from the program. And you will start to manifest things internally with a different state of mind. So lets you dive in the program and try. I highly recommend snd you will love.

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