Clearing Your Triggers – Virtual Group Hypnotherapy Session

by with Suzanne Robichaud, RCH

Suzanne is now offering online Group Hypnotherapy Sessions. All online group work will be on zoom.

The next Live Virtual Session is October Sunday, October 2nd at 10 am Pacific Time.

Are You Being Triggered?

Are you avoiding people, places, and situations in your life because you do not want to be triggered?

If you are being triggered, it most likely means that you are still holding onto emotions from past experiences. It is that emotion you are holding onto that is getting poked at. It’s a reminder that you have some work to do, some healing to do.


During this virtual group session, you will be guided into a deep natural state of hypnosis, and then we will briefly revisit the first experience that caused you to now have this trigger. That moment in time that your mind believed it needed to hold on to this feeling and create a reaction or response.

You will find that as we do this, you will be the observer, observing it from a safe distance, so that you can understand the when, why, and how this trigger was created. We then move into an exercise that allows you to completely release the emotion you are still holding onto from that experience. Releasing the Trigger.

Once you release this emotion, you will find that you are free from being triggered. That the automatic emotional response you once had is now gone. You now just need to work on your new response to this situation, your new thought patterns that you wish to have in place of the old. This is so much easier now that emotion is no longer involved.

If you have any questions about this session please contact me through my contact page. 


This group session is for:

  • Anyone that feels they get triggered emotionally by specific, people, places or situations. 
  • Anyone that has had a difficult experience in the past and never resolved the emotions around it.
  • Anyone that is ready to be free of their triggers and ready to create new responses.


Preparing for the session:

Have yourself set up somewhere that you can sit or lay back comfortably. Your eyes will be closed and you will be going within. Use a headset if you have one but not necessary. Set yourself up to get the most out of this session by turning all distractions off.

This group session will be held on zoom, please know that you do not need to have your camera on for this session. Healing is a very personal thing, so although this is a group you can still keep this session private.


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