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Guided Meditation for Inner Healing

This guided meditation is intended to help you go within, connect too or acknowledge your feelings, and then help you to let them go. We are able to create patterns in our subconscious mind through guided imagery and repetition, this meditation is to help you create new patterns around your emotions. With repetition, you can create a new way within your mind to deal with your emotions.

It is important to realize that if you are going round and round over something, you may need to seek out a form of therapy that can help you release this trigger from your subconscious, it may be anchored by emotion due to an event or experience from your past. You must let go of that anchor to stop the cycle. There are many forms of therapy or spiritual exercises you can do to release these anchors. I recommend seeing a Hypnotherapist, as Hypnotherapy deals directly with your subconscious, but you should do what resonates and feels right for you.

I wish you the best with your healing, each of us deserves to be happy and at peace, having compassion for yourself is the best place to start.


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