Letting Go & Healing – Suzanne Robichaud, RCH

As we go through life, we all have experiences that cause us to experience some sort of emotional or physical pain, sometimes this pain is held onto by our subconscious mind to keep us safe… to help us stay away from those experiences in the future. But, all too often the pain we are holding onto ends up limiting us in our life, stopping us from doing things we really want to do or from being our true selves. This hypnotherapy session was created to help you let go of any pain from past experiences, while still holding on to any learning or empathy from the experience.

You are then guided to re-connect with all the other amazing emotions that are a part of you, helping you to make these emotions your more dominant emotions. Listening to this repeatedly will help you to become more in control of what you are focusing on and how you feel.

Enjoy this powerful and healing collaboration from world-renowned artists sharing their unique gifts through a combination of guided meditations, and hypnotherapy.

‘Meditations & Hypnotherapy for Trauma & Anxiety’ provides all the necessary elements to promote deep relaxation and transformational healing of mind, body, and spirit.


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I offer a free ½ hr consult to discuss your needs and wants for your personalized recording. Once we complete the consult I will create a meditation or hypnotherapy session based on your needs that you will have to listen to forever.

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Customer Testimonials

“Been meditating for over 20 years and just stumbled on to this, just as I was heaving some problems
in my life, over a week of using this I’ve felt fantastic well done, namaste “

Pete Rowantree

“I could feel this working. During it I woke up and cried because I feel like me again,
I haven’t felt this way in ages. And for a long time I didn’t know what was wrong but
something was this is amazing. It was my first time trying hypnosis and it’s absolutely fantastic thanks so much!”

“Earlier I was dealing with some negative thoughts and this helped me to eliminate them.
I feel so much more at peace and happier since having listened to this. Once you mentioned
about letting the relaxing and tingly sensations take over our body, I fell into a deep sleep and
awoke 3 minutes before the video ended feeling very relaxed and optimistic. Thank you so much
for sharing this  meditation with us. You’ve turned my entire day (and hopefully future days) around.
Light, love, and many blessings to you!!”

Ravyn Barth

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