Customer Testimonials

“Been meditating for over 20 years and just stumbled on to this, just as I was heaving some problems in my life, over a week of using this I’ve felt fantastic well done, namaste “


Pete Rowantree

“I could feel this working. During it I woke up and cried because I feel like me again, I haven’t felt this way in ages. And for a long time I didn’t know what was wrong but something was this is amazing. It was my first time trying hypnosis and it’s absolutely fantastic thanks so much!”

“Earlier I was dealing with some negative thoughts and this helped me to eliminate them. I feel so much more at peace and happier since having listened to this. Once you mentioned about letting the relaxing and tingly sensations take over our body, I fell into a deep sleep and I awoke 3 minutes before the video ended feeling very relaxed and optimistic. Thank you so much for sharing this  meditation with us. You’ve turned my entire day (and hopefully future days) around.  Light, love, and many blessings to you!!”


Ravyn Barth

This is a letter I received from the mother of a 12 year old boy, who had in the last 3 years fainted 10 times and then went into seizures right after 9 of those times when ever faced with a medical procedure. He was diagnosed with non-epileptic seizures, and was horrified of any medical procedure because he was so afraid of having another seizure. This is his result after 8 sessions…… what an amazing young boy!
“Suzanne! My son was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO amazing today and got both of his shots!! It was truly amazing and I can’t wait for him to tell you about it! It took 50 minutes of up and down emotions with deep breathing, turning down his dial, blaring his music, telling himself “I can do this”, considering staying versus leaving a few times and lots of tears but he did it 🙂 He is so relived and SO very proud of himself! It’s been a weight he’s carried for the past 2-3 years and it completely lifted off his shoulders today. He just wanted to “get it over with”. I can not thank you enough for all of your work with him!!!! We talked about you all last night and today, ‘hearing’ you speak to him, repeating all of things you two have talked about, all the techniques he has learned from you…it took everything I had not to cry in the nurses office with him today. I am beyond proud of him. You are one of the very few people in his life that really, truly get how terrifying this was for him.
There were many times over the past two years when I couldn’t see how we were going to get through this. It kept getting worse and worse and then with months of seeing a Child Psychologist and feeling like we got almost nowhere I was really feeling helpless. The best thing that happened was the day we met you and I am just at a loss for words with how grateful I am for you. I should have added that he didn’t even come close to fainting! he did have a very small amount of Atavan. But the amazing part was that he didn’t have to fight off the feeling of fainting…it just never came. It was amazing!”
M.L. –  North Vancouver
“Thank you so much for following up with me! I am feeling quite excited about going on my trip and looking forward to the flight. I am still doing the exercise of confidently walking on that plane and finding my seat, flying and landing and meeting my family.
I was wondering if I could come back to you for a refresher just before I leave. I don’t know that I really need this but I thought it might make me even stronger. Any thoughts?
The night of my last session, I slept so well. I don’t think I have slept that well in years and I think it has helped my sleep. Might just be in my head but you are getting the credit!!
Tuesday was the anniversary of my Dad’s passing and I usually get in a funk about a week before the anniversary. I don’t want to see people, do things, just want to be alone. This is the 1st year in I don’t know how many years that the anniversary has not bothered me. I still remembered but it was a nice memory. Again, I don’t know if it is to do with the letting the control go or just in my mind but, again – you get the credit!
Let me know what you think about my refresher.”
E.B. – Coquitlam
“Just wanted to thank you again for helping me with my fear of flying/control issues. I had a fabulous holiday and the flights were terrific. I even slept in the plane which I have never done.
My cousin, in Scotland, said that she wanted your phone number because she wanted to thank you for making such a difference in my life.
I even when on the Funecular (?) Railway in Bergen. It went straight up the mountain, much like a gondola but on the ground. I really enjoyed it. Normally I would never have done that.
The cruise to Norway was great. We were over 40 hours on the North Sea. It was a but rough but I was OK.
I did not use any of my gravol pills as there was no need. Even although they had a seat belt sign up in the plane from Vancouver to Amsterdam!!
I am so thankful to you for helping me out so much. Take care! Thanks again!”
E.B. – Coquitlam
“I’m sorry to bother you but I HAVE to tell someone who understands how huge this is…..I DROVE!! I drove from Longview, Washington to Cannon Beach, Oregon (google it) in torrential rain, gale force winds and low visibility! I drove single lane country roads and 3 lane round abouts in town (and across a big scary bridge!!). I’m so proud of myself right now I could cry!! 😁 I did it!!!
I’m so happy with myself, especially because I didn’t woose out at the towns and made myself do it! More news….I’m really scared of water (because I’m not a very good swimmer) but my toddler was jumping in to the pool tonight….so I decided it was ridiculous that my 3 year old can do stuff I can’t! I had an attempt at something very loosely resembling a ‘cannonball’!! What a hoot – we ended up jumping in all night! I dunno what you did to me last Thursday….but do it again at my next session!! 😁”
T.W. – North Vancouver
Letters from a client undergoing medical treatments that caused him to lose his ability to taste food and eventually his appetite:
Letter 1 –  “Am I eating more, absolutely!
I can only speak of my experience, I left your office and walked straight into a Lemonade stand. Recalling you asking me how I would respond to biting a lemon, I bought a drink. Admittedly little or no effect in taste, but I did drink more of it, nursed it knowing I must take in fluids.
I made pasta salad with Balsamic vinaigrette, my wife’s favorite, and a loaf of chocolate chip banana bread. As my wife was enjoying the pasta I had a taste, not a huge taste but a taste. I moved on to a grape and tried some banana bread. I know these sound like morsels but in the scheme of what I have been eating, it’s a substantial change.
So am I pleased with the result most definitely, but yes I am guarded as it is only fair to say we had one session and I think it is a good start. My recommendation to anyone in my situation would be to start early and have a few sessions – more is better. I will let the dietitian at the Cancer Agency know of my positive experience.
More to the point I am most certainly impressed with you and your work. I am an open minded skeptic. I wanted to address my lack of appetite on a mental level and I believe you significantly addressed that issue.
Thank you so much.”
Letter 2 – “This morning I ate more at breakfast than in a full day last week!”
Letter 3 – ” I suspect you may find this bit of gratitude unique, since I saw you last I have gained about three pounds! Thank you.”
D.Y. – North Vancouver
“Hi Suzanne! I’m so happy to say that the session worked. I’ve had no urge to bite my nails and they’re growing! Thank you!”
A.B. North Vancouver, BC
“Hi Suzanne, I just wanted to wish you a happy 2015 and give you little update…
Last year was a big year for me. I was completely burnt out and extremely unhappy in my job when I came to see you. After my extended leave in the summer time I decided to quit my job and am starting with a small consulting firm in 2 weeks. I’ll be able to work from home and will finally be in charge of my time and client relationships!
In the fall – I lost 15 pounds and finally feel like I have my life back!
Last but not least, my hubby and I are expecting a little one in June. We are beyond excited! Healthy pregnancy so far and really have had happy first trimester with no morning sickness (lucky lady!!)
I think about you from time to time and want to thank you for the positive energy you brought into my life last year. Although I was working with you at the beginning of my journey – you were a big part of helping me feel like change was possible 🙂 I hope you are doing well and that 2015 is an extremely successful year for you. You are the best!”
K.A.  North Vancouver,BC
“I had been on a healing journey for the past few years with many epiphanies along the way but even though I had tried to put my new found information into practice I kept sliding back into old patterns. When I first contacted Suzanne I loved the way she approached her work with me, by treating the whole person/spirit, not just one issue. After only a few sessions I was able to finally let go of many old ways that were preventing me from being fully empowered. Suzanne has a wonderful, gentle way of working that brings forth ones truth. I would and have highly recommend Suzanne to anyone that is ready to step into their full power, to live a life with less baggage. I am so grateful for Suzanne and have enormous respect for the work she facilitates through hypnotherapy.”
S.L. Squamish, BC
“Suzanne, when I first stepped into your office in November 2012, I was broken. I was on a lot of medication, lonely, and worried. Ten months later I am a different person. I would have never thought I would be this free in my life, my life is still  coming together and the change is simply incredible. I cannot begin to even thank you for the amazing support, positivity, motivation and hope you have given me.
I have not gone back to the hospital since I started seeing you, I am off all my medication, I meditate, and I got off an ADHD medication because of the meditation we did, and the doctor said “you will be bipolar and have ADHD for the rest of your life”. I feel like I am proof that Hypnosis has changed my life in ways I wouldn’t have ever dreamed.
I am getting to my weight goal slowly, but most importantly the obsession is vanishing. With your words of wisdom and your incredible kindness and genuineness I would have never asked for any other help. I’ve been in therapy constantly since I was 15 years old, and nothing ever worked. I was abusing drugs, dealt with eating disorders, cutting, was a high school dropout and had no hope to live a so called “normal” life, but you Suzanne are amazing , not only are you great and fabulous at what you do, but you love it. You care so much about myself and all your clients. You can never find people that love what you do as much as you do. I feel like I actually matter and that I am not just another “appointment”.
You will always be in my heart, you helped me immensely. I totally believe people work miracles through us through God and you are a perfect example. You’re simply an Angel. Keep doing what you are amazing at, changing people’s lives for the better. Thank you Suzanne.”
V.R.- North Vancouver
“I chose to try hypnotherapy at a time when I felt stuck and dissatisfied in life. The idea of skipping the conscious mind and working directly with the subconscious really appealed to me. Suzanne was the second hypnotherapist in my search and she was the perfect match to my personality; calm, understanding, supporting, informative, knowledgeable, caring and not pushy. She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed starting from our initial consultation. I knew something was starting to shift after my first session! After 4 sessions, I actually had a path to follow and things to explore! I would recommend Suzanne with North Vancouver Hypnotherapy to everyone. Thank you for your great work, I truly appreciate your help.”
C.B. – Vancouver
“I was at the lowest point of my life. I didn’t know where to go for help. I stayed away from family, I lost touch with friends;  I stopped talking, being a mute was the easiest way to cope. One day an old friend popped up in my life who told me what her Hypnotherapist did for her. I booked myself right away. It felt as if each session covered about 10 years of my life. Only 4 sessions later, Suzanne had helped me change my life, and save my soul.”
E.P. North Vancouver
“I cannot believe how good every morning is! I awake and feel like “here we go!”.  It’s the best feeling!!”
T.G. – North Vancouver
“Just an update on how I’m doing. It’s quite amazing how much better I feel and how lighter my mind is. I’ve been able to eat without distracting myself (quite a first!!!) and am able to happily push food away when I’m satisfied. You are indeed a miracle worker! I want to thank you so much for helping me make this journey. You do lots of “home work” and I appreciate how much effort you put into doing it well.”
D.H. – North Vancouver
“I would like to thank you for all that you helped me accomplish, I came to you for help with one unhealthy habit, and you helped me change my whole outlook on life, I am living a truly happy and healthy life mentally, emotionally and physically and I am no longer experiencing anxiety…I focus on my successes and am able to accept the things I can not change. Thank you so much!!”
K.T.- Vancouver
“Thank you for the tremendous gift you so selflessly gave of self-hypnosis guidance. Your energy is so very healing, subtly powerful, and safe healing.I feel very blessed to know you, and to have been given the opportunity to deepen my meditation practice, my relaxation levels, and my overall sense of well being. The tools you gifted me with were tremendously helpful during my son’s birth, and for this I will always be grateful.”
N.H – North Vancouver
A Few Words Of Praise From My You Tube Channel
I am on the path of addiction recovery and spiritual healing, and have recently discovered your series of YouTube vids. I’m finding them immensely helpful, and wish to offer my heartfelt gratitude for your willingness to make these available. I wish to send some type of remuneration, and have searched your website in vain, looking for a PayPal button! Could we open a dialogue about how I might send you a love offering?
We really enjoy your YouTube videos please continue to post. We live in Minneapolis but if were in Vancouver we will definitely make an appointment
Sorry to pest you but I can’t seem to post on YouTube. Thanks for the new video and all the rest. And doing it for free. I’ve listened to meditations etc. for years and you don’t really say anything different but the effect is stunning. I’ve got no thoughts left in my brain after a session and when they do come back they’re free and easy and energized. You must have some sort of mind control talent and power in your voice. Maybe it’s the Vancouver accent. That’s a little joke there. I feel like I owe you money. You probably put that in my brain too. Hehe. Can’t imagine what a session would be like focused on me personally.
Dear Suzanne,
Thank you for sharing your skills on You Tube. What you say and how you say it is very helpful!
Ps no need to respond; you are busy.
Just the best meditation, hypnosis. You have got me trained. All I do is pick one out of the list and even before I click on it I’m going under. Hope to consult sometime if I ever get any thoughts back in my brain. Thank you.
I would just like to say thank you so much for the videos you put on You Tube.
I cannot begin to tell you how much they have helped me.
I am writing to you from France.
I’ve been listening to your sleep hypnosis and other videos and wanted to thank you and congratulate you for the wonderful experience you share on you tube.
So, just thank you.
Hi Suzanne,
I just wanted to let you know of the experience I had coming across your fertility hypnosis earlier today. It was quite astounding.
I’m 37, and I’m from Israel. For the past couple of weeks, I am listening to all sorts of meditations and hypno- sessions on line, trying to be more mindful and relaxed in light of my first ivf treatment. Ours is categorized “unexplained infertility”- all systems are go, but the engine won’t start (-:
Everything I listened to was pretty good, very well produced relaxations and guided meditations, and it did make me feel more relaxed, but still I felt none of them really hit home with me. so I kept “trying on” more meditations.
When I played yours on You Tube, I immediately noticed the piano music, as being something very different from what I normally hear on hypnosis tapes- usually it’s just clean, neutral, electronically produced sounds, and yours had this beautiful emotional piano playing. Then your voice came in, very obviously not recorded in a studio, with a bit of a harsh low res sound to it. I have a very sensitive ear, and usually that would make me not want to listen, but your voice was so human, and invoked such care and empathy… I immediately felt safe and willing to follow. Quite the difference from everything I heard before. I listened to you. I felt my body and mind calming down in phases, deeper and deeper, all the time carried through that beautiful piano and your guidance.
I didn’t fall asleep, as I do with most hypnosis/ meditations. I felt amazingly aware.
It felt like you are reaching down to my core, truly, and with such love and understanding. I didn’t think such a thing was possible.
Then you placed me In front of a fire, and had me reach for that note. I started crying.
I think you hit the nail on the head, and you spoke of something rarely spoken of when it comes to fertility issues- some deep seeded belief that you are somehow “wrong”. The fears that hold you back and affect the reception of your body to pregnancy and motherhood.
I let the tears wash over my face, and felt like I’m tapping into this pool of hidden, unresolved issues with myself. I tried to release as many of them as I could. All the while your voice in my ears, making me feel safe as I do that.
I came out of that session different somehow. I’m not sure exactly how, but just different.
You have an incredible gift, Suzanne. I had to let you know that. How rare it is that a person can hold someone else just through their words and voice, and show the deepest understanding for another human being without even knowing them.
It’ll be a small while before I know if this first round of IVF worked or not. But I am somehow less concerned about that now. I realize that there is some kind of path I’ve been avoiding until now, and that I need to deal with what stems from it.
Thank you so much for your recording, and the effort and care and love you put into it. It really means a lot.
At a deep level I wanted to thank you so much.  I am a high performer in sales and business consulting in the UK and have worked very successfully in the US and Europe.
Like most people, I have been dogged by bouts of negative feelings and use many different coping strategies to address the problem including hypnosis tapes – with variable but sometimes effective outcomes.
I feel moved to express gratitude because of the outstanding results I’ve had using your YouTube channel.
One of the fields I specialise in is influence via verbal communication.
On reflection, what stands out, is that after taking your listener neutrally through the trance phase, you allow your passion to show through. I’ve not come across this before. For me it works wonderfully well.
Once again – a big Thank You – I trust you find the feedback useful. I am of course happy to make a donation.
I just wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful videos you have on You Tube! I recently sustained an injury and have been listening to you videos to help me manage my pain following surgery.
Through my yoga practice, I was already familiar with using the breath to slow down my thoughts. Your videos have helped my take it one step forward by focusing my thoughts on healing and pain management.
I live in Georgia, however I would certainly use your facility if I lived close my!
Again, thank you for your generous gift of free videos. It has truly helped me mentally and physically in throughout my rehab.
Hi I am sending this email to say thank you for the above which I found on YouTube. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression in July this year after having a breakdown. I am 52 years and have never experienced this before and found it so difficult to deal with the fact that I have to take medication. I was prescribed sleeping tablets as I was having great trouble sleeping but didn’t like the effects of them. I starting listening to your Sleep hypnotherapy and use it each night I no longer use sleeping tablets and have got into a good sleep pattern. Up til now I have never mediated or uses hypnosis but now will make time for this.
Hi Suzanne
I just wanted to say a huge thank you.
For the past few weeks I have listened to one of your 15 minute meditations in the morning. There is a part where you get me to connect to the universe, “bathe in it, and dance in it if you like” for some reason every time you say “dance in it” I get a surge of energy throughout my whole body. It’s an amazing rush and it proper sets me up for the day.
Thank you so much. I hope the universe makes your dreams a reality.
Hi Suzanne
I just wanted to thank you for your lovely guided mediation. I’ve listened to your morning meditation on love, compassion and empathy every morning for the past few months and I love it. I spend a lot of time abroad for work and your meditation grounds my day in gratitude and positivity – thank you for sharing it.
I was so completely debilitated by anxiety (usually fearing nothing in particular) for hours on end that I was about to jump off a building but then I found this video. I can’t believe how much relief this gave me. I am endlessly grateful for you.
I have found this video fantastic help for my extreme anxiety due to cancer diagnosis thank you so much it brings me great peace at a very difficult time may you be blessed for your wonderful Gift to me
Thank you so much for this video, I’m currently undergoing gender transition and this helps to alleviate doubts I’ve been having lately.
You deserve a 10 out of 10!
So I listened to this as I’ve been experiencing some difficulty being positive and assuming the worst in a situation and wanted to try and be present and stop worrying about negative outcomes. I fell asleep fast into this but I had a vivid dream with a lot of factors that I’ve looked into and made sense out of. So it definitely helped me to release the negative thought patterns and deal on a subconscious level. Will definitely be using this one again. Thank you!!
Works like magic
This felt great. I fell asleep and had the best sleep I’ve had all week.
First time I’ve felt calmness within myself, my intrusive thoughts and anxiety were gone when I let go of the branch,
Thank you so much x
Absolutely love this! Very helpful. Thanks a lot for this. Much love.
Excellent. I could never do relaxation of all the body areas before. Love doing them the way you present them, and letting go of the branch is great.
Thank you! One of the most effective hypnosis/meditation videos I’ve come across so far… It greatly helped me release all negativity and especially helps me have control over “intrusive thoughts”, which has been causing me stress for years. Really stops my mind from racing. I love the “branch” analogy and learning to “let go”.
Thank you Suzanne. Amazing for me to let go like I just have during this meditation.
This is a blessing, it works!
Thank you very very much! I love myself and I love you! Namaste
Loved this meditation. Was so full of energy afterwards. Thank you!!!
Thank you this was one of my favorite Meditations
Awesome! just listened to you for the first time and I love calmness in your voice, I was really anxious when I started and during the float in a stream I fell asleep , lol, but when I wake up, I listened again , beautiful job.
I did this just this morning. I didn’t think I would be able to do it because my mind is always going. I cried really bad when it was time to let go of the branch. I held onto it for life. Then I just let go and allowed the sunshine to hit my face. But when I woke up I felt so sad and just cried. I don’t know what that was about but I thank you for this.
Wonderful I feel much lighter! Thank you
Listening every day to this since a panic attack last week. It’s putting me into a state I haven’t been before… thanks so much…

Please note: I do not use my clients full names as the work we do together is very personal and we sign confidentiality agreements

​Also, all clients that have stopped taking medications have done so under their doctors supervision.