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Hypnotherapy is the PERFECT Tool to enhance your Spiritual Awakening!  To help you enhance your Meditation Practice and so much more!!

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Over the last 8 years I have worked with a lot of people, helping them to release false misguided perceptions and limiting beliefs about themselves and the world around them. False beliefs that stopped them from fully enjoying their lives. I have worked with people stopped by their fear of flying and not one had ever been in a plane crash. But yet somehow their perception of flying, their fear, caused them to experience extreme anxiety and panic or even stopped them from ever travelling all together.

It may feel like your mind is working against you but it is not. If you are experiencing uncomfortable feelings, anxiety or panic about something, it is your mind setting off an alarm to protect you. Somewhere, somehow along the way, you had an experience that created this alarm. It is a survival mechanism we all have. It keeps us alive and keeps us safe. The problem is... that deep part of our mind, our subconscious, has no perception of time, it just holds on to the lesson, the experience, and sets this alarm off when something happens that causes you to feel a similar feeling. The emotion you experienced is what is anchoring your response in your subconscious, there is likely healing to be done so you can be free from this reaction or response. This is where Hypnotherapy can help you.
As well, most of our perceptions around our own self worth and abilities are created within the first seven years of our lives, and they end up being at the core of who we are. So many people today are struggling with confidence and self esteem issues. So many of us were taught to disregard our feelings, to toughen up or told that what we were feeling when we were young was wrong. So here we are as adults completely disconnected or confused by the feelings we have. Causing us to be disconnected from one of our greatest tools as a human being... our feelings. We have them for a reason, all of them, they help us to learn and to grow. They help us to navigate our way through life, to know what is our path.

This is especially true for people that experienced emotional or physical abuse as a child, whether it be in or outside of their home. It can have such an impact on how they live their lives as an adult if they were never given the opportunity to heal. It effects their self esteem, how they feel they deserve to be treated and loved... or if they even believe they deserve to be loved.
It is so important to understand how your mind works. The experiences you have had create who you are today. Your subconscious mind holds on to everything you have learnt and experienced. And, it holds on to all of this in two ways, one through repetition... think about learning how to write, and secondly through an emotional experience. If you are having a difficult time changing a reaction, a response or a habit, consider looking within, to see if there is some sort of emotion your subconscious mind is holding onto that is making it hard for you to change.
This is why Hypnotherapy can help in so many area's of your life, because perception is everything and Hypnotherapy is all about helping you release the old and create a new perception. 
Hypnotherapy is all about understanding when and where these false perceptions or beliefs were created, letting them go from the deep part of your mind (the subconscious) and creating new perceptions that allow you to fully enjoy and live your life. And I promise you... you have the ability to change your perception at anytime. 
Hypnotherapy is NOT losing control of your mind, it is all about gaining control of your mind AND your emotions.