During a one on one hypnotherapy session I help you to let go of any triggers, blocks, fears, bad habits or trauma… whatever it is that is causing you to have the issue you are struggling with. Once we release the source of your issue (whatever created it in the first place) I help you to create new patterns, reactions or responses that allow you to achieve your goal, whether that is getting on a plane or living your life free from anxiety and with confidence.

Each session is 1 hour in length and the amount of sessions required really is different for every client. These sessions are either in person at my home office or over Skype.

I offer a free ½ hr consult to discuss your needs and wants for your personalized recording. Once we complete the consult I will create a meditation or hypnotherapy session based on your needs that you will have to listen to forever.

You will be sent to PayPal to make your payment. You are NOT required to create a PayPal account to pay via this method. Look for the option to pay directly by credit card.

20 min - $105 Purchase 40 min - $150 Purchase Contact

Customer Testimonials

“Been meditating for over 20 years and just stumbled on to this, just as I was heaving some problems
in my life, over a week of using this I’ve felt fantastic well done, namaste “


Pete Rowantree

“I could feel this working. During it I woke up and cried because I feel like me again,
I haven’t felt this way in ages. And for a long time I didn’t know what was wrong but
something was this is amazing. It was my first time trying hypnosis and it’s absolutely fantastic thanks so much!”

“Earlier I was dealing with some negative thoughts and this helped me to eliminate them.
I feel so much more at peace and happier since having listened to this. Once you mentioned
about letting the relaxing and tingly sensations take over our body, I fell into a deep sleep and 
awoke 3 minutes before the video ended feeling very relaxed and optimistic. Thank you so much
for sharing this  meditation with us. You’ve turned my entire day (and hopefully future days) around. 
Light, love, and many blessings to you!!”

Ravyn Barth


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